• How to protect your hardcoded e-mail address inside html with jQuery

    Bots are crawling your html not only for existance of an a href=mailto:  but also an pure e-mail itself. So wherever your snippet is generating a raw e-mail link in your code, or you put it manually - it's worth to

  • Any website Google reCAPTCHA tutorial + example jQuery,PHP

    Anti-SPAM web form security. Since we ALL hate SPAM, erm... mostly all, - as we see - Google came with a fantastic tool with their ow implementation of CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers

  • Set-up mining Dogecoin with Cointellect on CentOS Linux RHEL 5/6

    A quick tutorial on how-to start mining Dogecoins using CentOS Server and popular Cointellect software using CPU. Cointellect is at the momment Windows only software but you can setup mining with cpuminer here on

  • Install openELEC on RaspberryPi into SD Card to boot and USB Stick as Storage on Windows

      There is a fix for problem with a SD card get corrupted occasionally or on power loss even if you don't overclock your RaspberryPi. There is also a speed increase using a USB stick as Storage for openELEC so why

Check & test your server for security holes - Lynis

  You have just finished setup your server, you think it's ready to go.. but you asking a question "Have I forgot something?" "Is it secure to go online?". Here comes Lynis - security and auditing tool. Lynis...

(PRM) Script for better process control RAM, CPU

  This software from R-fx Networks by Ryan MacDonald is a free, smart and powerfull bash script for monitoring and controling CPU, Memory, Processes & Run (Elapsed) Time in Linux & BSD environment. PRM has...