• How to protect your hardcoded e-mail address inside html with jQuery

    Bots are crawling your html not only for existance of an a href=mailto:  but also an pure e-mail itself. So wherever your snippet is generating a raw e-mail link in your code, or you put it manually - it's worth to

  • Any website Google reCAPTCHA tutorial + example jQuery,PHP

    Anti-SPAM web form security. Since we ALL hate SPAM, erm... mostly all, - as we see - Google came with a fantastic tool with their ow implementation of CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers

  • Set-up mining Dogecoin with Cointellect on CentOS Linux RHEL 5/6

    A quick tutorial on how-to start mining Dogecoins using CentOS Server and popular Cointellect software using CPU. Cointellect is at the momment Windows only software but you can setup mining with cpuminer here on

  • Install openELEC on RaspberryPi into SD Card to boot and USB Stick as Storage on Windows

      There is a fix for problem with a SD card get corrupted occasionally or on power loss even if you don't overclock your RaspberryPi. There is also a speed increase using a USB stick as Storage for openELEC so why

(PRM) Script for better process control RAM, CPU

  This software from R-fx Networks by Ryan MacDonald is a free, smart and powerfull bash script for monitoring and controling CPU, Memory, Processes & Run (Elapsed) Time in Linux & BSD environment. PRM has...

Windows 7 Home - Backup to Network Working Solution

  As we know, only version higher than Home Premium can backup to a Network location, any mapped disk won't be even shown on the backup device list to chose. Fuck M$! Yeah, fuck it.. but what .. no other option.....

APC BackUPS CS 500 and NAS4Free

  Trying to connect APC BackUPS CS 500 to NAS4Free ( - Sandstorm (revision 847)) with no success? dmesg shows: ugen0.2: at usbus0 but after enabling UPS service you see:   Broadcast Message from...

All-in-one StartSSL cert in shared environment

  As a webdesigner/freelancer and newborn admin You have a few 'clients' on your box. You're upset with all those browser/mail-client SSL warnings which You and your clients must bypass all the time and you have a...

Simple way to configure SSL on our website

  Today the task is to configure a SSL version of our website domain placed in a different "secure_html" folder. First, you have to install an Apache module named 'mod_ssl' But you also need an Unique IP address -...

Script to Backup your websites and databases

  Backups are most important thing -just after hardening security - to maintain by sysadmin. We could define two types of backup which will do. First, a Full-system backup (all system files,user files,software...