Connecting to your first VPS (SSH)

You received an e-mail from Hostinger saying that your first VPS is ready. Now you've got your login, password and an IP address. What next? How to connect to your virtual private server?

Simple, you have to use an SSH Client. Linux and MacOS X users have great software built in their OS'es already but MS Windows users have to use a third-party software (mostly free to use) like PuTTY.

For apropriate software please visit the download section. 

For the tutorial's purpose I chose KiTTY SSH Client (instead of popular PuTTY) because of it's extended autologon feature which I'll be using in next tutorials. The configuration is almost identical in any SSH Client software on any platform, you just have to know 3 things:

  1. Hostname or IP
    You can use an IP address of the New VPS Server (you can find it in mail message from Hostinger titled "Virtual Private Server is ready for use") or you can use hostname that you enter ona  web form when you're creating a new VPS server request. It's important that a hostname is already resolving to the server IP.
  2. Root Password
    Temporary password is generated for root user on any New VPS Server - you have to change this as soon as possible.
  3. Port
    You have to specify on which port connect to the SSH service on your New VPS. The default port is 22 - but as you can learn quickly it doesn't have to stay like this.

This is the very first screen we see launching KiTTY.

kitty ssh client configuration

Simply enter a Hostname or IP Address, leave the port 22 as default. Put a name in 'Saved Sessions' field, something like 'My VPS' and hit 'Save' button. That configuration will be written down to your local computer so when you open KiTTY again you don't have to enter the credentials again.

Now you're ready to connect to your VPS. Click 'Start' and you can see window like this:

kitty ssh-rsa warning

It's all OK for the first connection, it's about a ssh-rsa keys which are helping to secure your connection, since I will disciuss it later -now no need to explain it in-detail - hit the 'Yes' button.

Now the terminal window will open:

kitty ssh terminal window

Login as:

type 'root' and hit 'Enter' key, then the password from Hostinger's mail (or Paste it from the clipboard*) and hit 'Enter' key.


Simply use right-mouse-button to Paste from clipboard to the terminal. Selecting using left-mouse-button automaticly copies the text to the clipboard.

Now You're ready to work on your server.