Play Lord of the Rings Online on Ubuntu

How to install and configure to successfully run LOTRO on Ubuntu 13.04 x64 (Unity).

Do you know that even if you're not on Windows or Mac but you're using Linux you can play LOTRO - Lord of the Rings Online. Take this quick tour and have fun.

Simply follow theese steps:

1. Download latest WINE

Adding the WineHQ PPA Repository:

Open the Software Sources menu by launching the Ubuntu Software Center and selecting Edit->Software Sources. Choose the Other Software tab and click Add.

Then, copy and paste the line below.


Once you have added the WineHQ PPA Repository, you are ready to install.

To get the most recent Wine 1.6 beta, click this link to install the wine1.6 package or browse for it in the Ubuntu Software Center

2. Config WINE

After installation of newest WINE

type in console 'winecfg'

You should add the openal32.dll Override in Winecfg->Libraries.

If you want - you may no add a second drive to the Wine, LOTRO install will took some 14+ GB of space.

Winecfg->Drives->Add (i.e. drive E:\ point to your 2nd disk or partition)

3. Winetricks

In your terminal type:



$ winetricks vcrun200{3,5,8} d3dx9 corefonts
(Nvidia users should also install physx)>

4. Grab the LOTRO installer

Low resolution:
$ wget

High resolution:
$ wget

Assuming you choosed High resoultion, type in terminal:

GC_DONT_GC=1 wine lotrohigh.exe

Note: If the downloader freezes at some point just kill the process (ctrl+c in the terminal) and start the downloader again. If you don’t remove any files it should resume the download and continue.

During the installation be sure to uncheck ‘create desktop icon’,  ‘README’, the subscription, and the ‘Load Lord Of The Rings Online’ options ( Currently TurbineLauncher fails when trying to load it. We’ll be using the 3rd party client ‘Pylotro’ to load the game instead.)

Install missing splash screens:

$ wget
$ chmod x
$ ./ en

5. Install pylotro and game

$ wget
$ unzip;cd PyLotRO
$ sudo python install
$ wget
$ wine pylotro-setup.exe

6. Configure PyLotRO to run LOTRO

1. Click ‘Tools’ on the menu bar.
2. Click ‘Options’.
3. Choose Game directory.
64bit: /home/USERNAME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Turbine/The Lord of the Rings Online
4. (optional) Enable ‘High-Res Graphics’.
5. Save the settings.

Patch the game data:

1. Click ‘Tools’ on menu bar.
2. Click ‘Patch’.
3. Click ‘Start’ (This can take a while).
4. When finished, click ‘Exit’.

7. Patch pylotro

Now apply the special chars and ssl patch to pylotro. The patch is fairly small, so you can do it by hand, it require editing only two files. You will probably need to change permissions first (double check first your PyLotROLauncher is in the same location):

$ sudo chmod 777 /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/PyLotROLauncher/*.py




--- code here -> means that you have to REMOVE this line

+++ code here -> means that you have to ADD this line 

and make that changes to those files using:

$ sudo gedit /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/PyLotROLauncher/
$ sudo gedit /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/PyLotROLauncher/

8. Run pylotro

type 'pylotro' in console and give your game username and password and have fun with the LOTRO