Windows 7 Home - Backup to Network Working Solution


As we know, only version higher than Home Premium can backup to a Network location, any mapped disk won't be even shown on the backup device list to chose.

Fuck M$! Yeah, fuck it.. but what .. no other option.. only to spent $$$ on 3rd party software?
There is a trick my friends!

So here is working solution that I use:

Strategy: First, we create a VHD file on a network location, then use a script to automaticly map that location and attach that vdisk upon every system start. Next we use our new drive as a backup drive for built-in Windows Backup Tool.

In short:

1. Create VHD on a network location

 Create VHD on a network location (i.e. on our NAS) for example \\\backups\backup.vhd

Here are detailed article how to do it on local harddisk:

2. Create Scheduled Task (attach VHD)

Create Scheduled Task for mounting and attaching that disk on system start

You can write own script or use BMVHD Loader

Create two files i.e. on a C: drive  (make sure u have admin rights)


SELECT VDISK FILE="y:\backup.vhd"


@echo off
timeout /t 1
net use /delete y: /y
net use y: \\\backups /Persistent:Yes
diskpart /s "C:\attachDisk.txt"

This is an article you can rely on

Create a task to fire attachDisk.bat upon system start using admin account to do it.

3. Credential Manager

With Credential Manager add a Windows credential to your NAS or you can use plain text credentials inside script, like:

net use y: \\\backups /Persistent:Yes /User:computer-name\user yourpassword

4. Windows Backup

Fire Windows Backup and set the backup to use drive Z (which is your attached VHD), set the backup cycle and so on...

In short, that's it.

Now with the repair disc!

Record Windows 7 Repair Disc and boot from it.

Next hit Cancel until you get to the Main Menu

1. Select Command Prompt 

          --> type ipconfig /all - you see weird IP?

2. DON'T CLOSE THE Command Prompt

3. and and click on Main Menu window ->System Image Recovery

4. Hit "Select a system image" and then "Advanced"

5. Choose "Search for a system image on the network"

          - Are you sure you want to connect to the network? [Yes]

          Enter your NAS IP (i.e. \\ - and credentials you can mark to remember

6. Now check your IP in the Command Prompt ( ipconfig /all ) you see correct IP and connection settings? Yeah,

now you can map the network drive and attach VHD


 map a network drive (as our script will do)

net use y: \\\backups 

3. attach VHD (as our script do) type:


inside diskpart prompt:

SELECT VDISK FILE="y:\backup.vhd"

Info: Sometimes this error is thrown in DiskPart when you enter ATTACH VDISK command:

DiskPart has encountered an errror: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
See the System Event Log for more information.

You should the simply wait. As the filesystem scans the VHD file over the LAN - the bigger is the file the more you have to wait.


When disk is attached, switch to the recovery window and hit 'Rescan'.

Voila! We have an attached VHD disk now ready to use in recovery wizard.

If you having problem with your network settings look here